Future Kings of Denmark - gotta love a band that is consistently organic, emotional, relatable, human, gritty, catchy and gorgeous. Music that always feels fresh in a playlist of our favorites - not an easy feat!”

— Frank Rogala and Smash Mob

‘Kissed by Your Hell' is a blend of smart lyrics and a catchy melody reminiscent of the romantic rock of Echo and the Bunnymen with an edge of The Killers. A unique mix of retro and nouveau energy with loads of character. Rock on!”

— Robin Frederick, songwriter and author


FKOD love to create and play trashy garage, punk and indie rock.  They have been doing so since 2014.  It’s a passion.  They love it.  

Two artists are the backbone of the group, Californian native Steven Wesley Guiles, who writes, sings, plays and produces on every track, and Amanda West the lyricist and all round assistant, who lives on the west coast of Ireland.  

FKOD record the music in San Dimas, California, and the lyrics are written in Ireland.  Most tracks are written and produced trans-Atlantic style, but they occasionally meet up in Los Angeles and San Dimas to work face to face.  

They are currently writing new songs ready for their second album. 

For more info please feel free to contact the band using the Contact page on this site.  And you definitely should spend some time rocking to the music, it's good for your soul ! 

FKOD love and live rock and roll.

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Lyric Video: Can't Remember When We Last Kissed