1. Superficial

From the recording Fiery Ends

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Recorded, mixed & produced by SWG at the John Cash Studio, San Dimas, California.

Written by Steven Wesley Guiles

(c) New Cool Now Music 2018


I got your name
Restore the same
I know I know
It’s all right, it’s all right

I find your face
A crowd, the race
Your time, your time
Will come
Your time will

Some will find you
So refine you
Someone find you out
Find you out
Find you

You’re fine, so lame
This time, your name
What’s ours forever going
To your house
I’m not too far
I’m not the bar
That you set,
That you set
Deny and deny and deny
Then you’re running

It’s official
You’re superficial
It’s official
We are going
We are going home and

It’s official
You’re superficial
It’s official
On your way back
On your way back home